Jan 15 • 42M

The Power of Bravely Listening and Engaging: Finding Common Ground and Seeing Each Other as People | Ep. #102

Interview with Dr. Natalia Linos, Executive Director of FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard and 2020 Congressional Candidate

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On POD for the People!, Dr. Tami Gouveia invites everyday Americans, community activists, and status quo disruptors to share stories and insights that inspire us to heal political divisions and invest in everyone's health and dignity for our collective well-being. Join us every week to learn more about how we can build a hopeful, joy-filled, and thriving future for everyone.
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Good Sunday morning!

I am delighted to announce my latest POD for the People! interview with Dr. Natalia Linos is now available. You can listen and subscribe to my podcast on all major podcast platforms or click the “Listen” button.

In this episode, Dr. Linos credits her religious upbringing in Greece and time at the UN and New York City for motivating her work at the intersection of science and equity and her ultimate run for Congress in 2020. In retelling her experience on the campaign trail, Dr. Linos helps us understand the sense of urgency she felt to jump into the race with only five months left before the primary election. She shares her insights about the U.S.’s persistent racial and economic inequities driven by structural and systemic challenges in health, housing, climate, and employment. And, of course, as recovering candidates, we couldn’t help but talk about the impact of money in politics that detracts from community building and person-to-person connections critical to healing our political divisions. We wrap up with what gives Dr. Linos hope in light of our many significant challenges.

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