Dr.s' Orders and POD for the People!
POD for the People!
POD for the People! Trailer | Ep. #100

POD for the People! Trailer | Ep. #100

Learn about the inspiration behind POD for the People! and what you can expect from each episode. Listen to the Trailer by clicking on the "play arrow" below.

Motivated by my early childhood experiences growing up in Lowell, Massachusetts, I dedicated the last 25 years of my life to building a meaningful career as a public health social worker, public servant, and catalyst for positive change. While raising my two children as a single parent, I served four years in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and completed a Doctorate in Public Health in 2020. I was inspired to launch my first podcast — POD for the People! — after running an energetic, people-centered, and values-based campaign for Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Throughout the 15-month campaign, which ended in September 2022, I connected with thousands of residents who see their own story in my personal and financial struggles and who share my frustrations with a government that is leaving too many of us behind. I met just as many people who are driven by love, perseverance, and a belief that when we work together we can achieve equitable health and dignity for every resident of the Commonwealth. This podcast is dedicated to uplifting the hope and grit carried forward by everyday people in the face of these challenges and opportunities.

In each episode, I interview thought leaders, status quo disruptors, and everyday Americans who share their stories and insights about the power of democracy and connection. Together, we can heal our political divisions and build a thriving, joy-filled future for everyone.

I will release my first full episode on January 1, 2023. I invite you to subscribe to POD for the People! on your favorite podcast platform by clicking one of the “subscribe” buttons below.

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To learn more about me go to tamigouveia.com and follow me on social media at TamiGouveiaMA.

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Dr.s' Orders and POD for the People!
POD for the People!
On POD for the People!, Dr. Tami Gouveia invites everyday Americans, community activists, and status quo disruptors to share stories and insights that inspire us to heal political divisions and invest in everyone's health and dignity for our collective well-being. Join us every week to learn more about how we can build a hopeful, joy-filled, and thriving future for everyone.