Jan 3 • 34M

Introduction to POD for the People! with Tami and Brian | Ep. #101

Brian Muldoon asks me awesome questions to help me introduce myself and POD for the People! to new listeners and people who already know me.

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Dr. Tami Gouveia
On POD for the People!, Dr. Tami Gouveia invites everyday Americans, community activists, and status quo disruptors to share stories and insights that inspire us to heal political divisions and invest in everyone's health and dignity for our collective well-being. Join us every week to learn more about how we can build a hopeful, joy-filled, and thriving future for everyone.
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In this introduction to POD for the People!, I am psyched that my dear friend, Brian Muldoon, helps me introduce myself. He asks me some awesome questions about my experiences growing up in Lowell, Massachusetts, my work as a social worker and doctor of public health, the challenges I faced as a single parent, my service as a State Representative in the House of Representatives, and my campaign for Lt. Governor of Massachusetts. Oh! And we also talk about why I decided to launch POD for the People! and Dr.’s Orders.

I am excited to engage in this work with you as we build a future so that everyone can thrive. I am in the process of planning virtual and live events. So, stay tuned, subscribe to my Substack newsletter — Dr.’s Orders — at tamigouveia.us/substack, and check out my social media (@TamiGouveiaMA).